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 The Best iPhone Apps

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PostSubject: The Best iPhone Apps   Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:11 am

I'm really into using my iPhone as a portable gaming device, as I'm sure Val is with her new ipod Touch. Not sure if anyone else has one but if so, these are some awesome games I would recommend from the Apple App Store.

(I'm addicted to this game)
This is a 3D version of some popular 2D strategy game(I’m not sure of the original name). The goal is to remove as many blocks from the cube as possible. You can only pick cubes that are touching other cubes of the same color

Amature Surgeon
You're a pizza delivery boy who wants to be a surgeon. A quack doctor helps train you how to perform amateur surgery on criminals on the street with tools like your pizza cutter, a lighter, corkscrew and car battery.

You can play it here for free to try it out: