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 The Best iPhone Apps

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PostSubject: The Best iPhone Apps   Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:11 am

I'm really into using my iPhone as a portable gaming device, as I'm sure Val is with her new ipod Touch. Not sure if anyone else has one but if so, these are some awesome games I would recommend from the Apple App Store.

(I'm addicted to this game)
This is a 3D version of some popular 2D strategy game(I’m not sure of the original name). The goal is to remove as many blocks from the cube as possible. You can only pick cubes that are touching other cubes of the same color

Amature Surgeon
You're a pizza delivery boy who wants to be a surgeon. A quack doctor helps train you how to perform amateur surgery on criminals on the street with tools like your pizza cutter, a lighter, corkscrew and car battery.

You can play it here for free to try it out:

Solitare City
(Just about any solitaire game you can think of with awesome graphics)

Solitaire City features over 60 variations of your favourite solitaire card games ...


Remove the pieces off the board when you align 5 or more, but every time you move a piece to place it in a line and do not achieve a full link, you are given 3 more pieces on the board.


Another Remove pieces in groups of 3 game with lots of twists, great graphics and different variations so it doesn't get stale to play.

Glyph is a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that offers a unique storyline, colorful graphics, and two different play modes for you to dig through. The game offers up a variations of the typical block-breaking puzzle game by including different artifacts, power-ups, and more making it very easy to get hooked.


Tilt you iphone to maneuver your little guy through a maze to collect music notes, hard then it sounds and way fun!

Bonsai Blast
Just like the game Puzzloops if you've heard of it. Basically balls come down a track and move towards a pit. You need to shoot same color balls at the line and take out all the balls in groups of 3 or more at a time. hard but fun! Very nice zen like graphics.

Tap Defense

Keep the demons from entering heaven by setting up towers along a walkway to kill them before they enter the door to heaven. Collect points to upgrade towers and build new types of towers.


The object of this puzzle game is to take the pieces located on the side of the screen and make them fit together to cover the shadowy area. You'll be able to move, spin, and flip the piece you've selected to make the entire puzzle work properly. There are over 315 puzzles included in this game, so you won't have to repeat any of them unless you want to.
(Also see Tangram, very similar game with more puzzles and better mechanics)

Diner Dash

Classic game of a waitress trying to make it through the day. Serving impatient customers and trying to upgrade the restaurant to make it to the next level. Very challenging but fun.

Sally's Salon
Think Diner Dash but with Hair and Nails. IMO This game is much easier than Diner Dash, it's more forgiving and easier to make it through to further levels.

Monopoly: World Ed.

Great classic game, with a new twist. The iPhone takes a lot of the thinking out it for you and handles the money. You can play this over Wifi with another iPhone user who has the App.
The Pieces are adorable, especially the penguin. They are all animated as they move along the board. Also you learn world trivia as you pick up chance and community chest cards.

Yahtzee Adventures

Classic Hasbro Yahtzee. With new fun variations of the game and played in an adventure version so you have to beat players to advance.

EA Sudoku

Don't let all the free Sudoku fool you, this one is the best. Nice mechanics and beautiful graphics. It's the best one.

Moonlight Mahjong

I got my Mom so addicted to this game after she played it once. Just remove the tiles 2 at a time (matching tiles) and make sure you get rid of all on the board to win.


Topple is a highly addicting puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The object of Topple is to pile up the cartoon blocks that you're given as high as you possibly can within the time limit. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it sounds due to the fact that these blocks aren't exactly flat and adhere to gravity.

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PostSubject: Re: The Best iPhone Apps   Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:29 am

I play a lot of games on my iTouch .. but I mostly use it when I'm to lazy to get on the computer lol
I got my AIM , youtubes , all my Rob sites and this forum .. its like a polly pocket computer just for me LOL

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Female Number of posts : 472
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PostSubject: Re: The Best iPhone Apps   Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:28 am

I'm the same way in terms of being too lazy to walk to my computer a mere few feet away while I'm watching tv on the couch, so I grab my Iphone to surf the net on the fly. But mostly I use my iphone to play games while I watch tv. I use it so much for games that it's always on mute and so i never here the phone ringer.
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PostSubject: Re: The Best iPhone Apps   

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The Best iPhone Apps
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