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 The Amazing Race 14

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PostSubject: The Amazing Race 14   Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:37 am


Meet the teams:

Mel&Mike: father/son

Brad &Victoria: married

Amanda & Kris: dating

Cara & Jaime: former nfl cheerleaders

Christie & Jodi: flight attendants

Margaret & Luke: mother/son

Linda & Steve: married

Mark & Micheal: brothers

Lakisha & Jennifer: sisters

Jennifer & Preston: dating
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PostSubject: Re: The Amazing Race 14   Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:31 pm


Amanda & Kris - Dating
Brad & Victoria - Married
Cara & Jaime - Former NFL Cheerleaders
Christie & Jodi - Flight Attendants
Jennifer & Preston - Dating
LaKisha & Jennifer - Sisters
Linda & Steve - Married
Margie & Luke - Mother & Son
Mark & Michael - Brothers
Mel & Mike - Father & Son
Tammy & Victor - Siblings

CBS has anounced casting for the Amazing Race 14. This season of the show has now been officially ordered by CBS. CBS announced in a press relese that the show would also return to the Sunday at a 8:00pm time slot on February 15th. The show began filming on or around October 31. The exact filming dates are unknown.

In an interview for TV Guide, coproducer Bertram Van Muster revealed that the teams will visit Central Siberia, Russia and also Beijing, China. Bertram also promised that this season will feature "less airport drama". Bertram also revealed that this season will feature the first deaf contestant in The Amazing Race's American version. The deaf contestant is rumoured to be a male and will have to communicate entirely on sign language.

According to AXN Latin American Website, the teams will begin in San Diego, California and in the first leg, they will visit Locarno, Switzerland and next Interlaken. Others cities will be Salzburg (Austria), Transylvania (Romania), Bangkok (Thailand) and the race will end in Hawaii. Another country was Germany, in which observers have spotted racers and camera crews.

Here is CBS' description:

Eleven teams compete in THE AMAZING RACE 14, traveling one of the most grueling courses ever assembled on the Race – spanning 40,000 miles and nine countries in just 22 days. Phil Keoghan will host.

Teams will be faced with a multitude of extremes, including the world's second tallest bungee jump, bone-chilling Siberian temperatures followed by the suffocating heat of India, and an Olympic-sized challenge that leaves teams gasping for air. For the first time in the history of the Race, teams will travel to Romania and Siberia.

“Heading into our 14th season, I wanted to pull out all the stops. We have extreme climates, intense roadblocks and less time in airports, which adds up to an exhausting course for the racers. Whether you’re a screenwriter, a Harvard graduate, a jockey or a carpenter, this Race will test your stamina, your heart and your will to win,” said Bertram van Munster, executive producer/co-creator of “The Amazing Race.”

This 14th group of racers features an eclectic cast that includes a team of brothers who are stuntmen, a pair of flight attendants, a brother/sister team who are Harvard lawyers, an accomplished feature film writer/producer/actor and his father, a team of former NFL cheerleaders and the Race's first ever deaf contestant and his mother.

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PostSubject: Re: The Amazing Race 14   Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:37 am



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PostSubject: Re: The Amazing Race 14   

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The Amazing Race 14
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