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 America's Best Dance Crew

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PostSubject: America's Best Dance Crew   Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:25 pm

I'm kinda late getting into this season. I had the first 3 episodes on my Tivo I just finished watching and this season is awesome!

And for all of you SYTUCD fans, Hok and Dominic are back!!!
I loved them and then got pretty far on SYTYCD, but now they are back with their own crew and they are my favorite!!

Here's the crews that are left:

Quest Crew

Hip Hop with CRAZY tricks
These guys were Early Faves, but then JC came back eppy 2 and crapped on their performance. Shane Sparks disagreed with him and Mama by saying "Are we watching the same show?" haha love it! But they redeemed themselves to JC in eppy 3 and he said they performed his favorite dance of the night. And they did part of it blindfolded!

Dynamic Edition

Clog Dancing/Hip Hop Group

I kinda dismissed them at first. I couldn't see them going far in such a hard core hip hop environment, but they seem to be holding their own. I really like their dance in episode 2, but I still think the tap dancing clogging will get old soon.

Beat Freaks

Beat Box Girl Group
These girls are pretty good, they aren't too keen on being sexy, they more like to want to prove they can be as good as the guys.

Fly Khicks

Basketball Cheerleader Dancers
These girls don't have a problem being feminine. Which is something I didn't care for at first. Their first performance was noting but shaking their asses. It's like America's Best dance hoochie's when they're on stage. But the last 2 dances they've gotten better, but only when they are forced to add more to their routine besides ass shaking.[/img]


B-Boyz from Brooklyn
Their gimmick is they are really bendy. They are like triple jointed, it's rather gross to watch. They don't have more choreography, They are mostly about their tricks and it's hard, at least for me, to watch cause the way they bend their arms is really stomach turning.

Strikers All-Stars

Stomp Dance Champs
This crew is one of the front runners, pretty strong, very in sync choreography, but not much imagination, all of their dances seem very uniformed. But the judges like them.

Kicked off


G.O.P. Dance

Team Millennia

I'm not sure why a couple of them were booted, they had a god combo of all the techniques needed to win, but I think MTV wants to keep around the crews with the gimmicks for ratings.

The 3rd Episode was pretty fun, I tend to enjoy the dances when it's to music I like and while I like Hip hop and Rap, some of the really hard core stuff isn't that great. But Eppy 3 was Britney Night and it was really fun to watch them all dance to Britney Spear's greatest hits.


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Female Number of posts : 472
Age : 41
Location : Chico Ca
Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: Re: America's Best Dance Crew   Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:37 pm

Here's Quest Crew from Britney Week
They are so cute and funny!!