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 Robin Kass Interview about new seaosn

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PostSubject: Robin Kass Interview about new seaosn   Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:16 pm

Here are the more interesting bits that she was able to share:

- The promo department has absolutely nothing to do with the casting process. Just because the promo advertises "Bigger Secrets," it doesn't mean she's casting people who have something to hide. Robyn says that the BB9 promos had a line advertising "Dirty Little Secrets" and the conspiracy theorists went crazy trying to figure out if it had something to do with the twist or the cast, and it didn't. Robyn says: "The promo department has absolutely nothing to do with the casting of Big Brother or the show. They're doing that on their own. They have their own promos, their own people. They know nothing about any possible twist, nothing about the cast, nothing about the house."

- Robyn says that she doesn't think this season will be any shorter than the other seasons. "No, I don't think so. I'm probably not the one to ask, but I would tell fans not to read into it. As far as I know, it's just another season, maybe a couple days less. Maybe a week less. Big Brother fans are the best fans in the world, hands down. They love to read into things." It is mentioned that Big Brother usually ends about a week before Survivor, so we might know more about the length of BB11 when the premiere date for Survivor is revealed.

- Robyn says that she had alot of great people in the finals this year, some of her favorite personalities ever. "I love that the people who come in to interview know the show and know the game. There's a lot of diehard fans who come out, and it always makes it interesting. I love to hear about people's strategies going in, and this process is really exciting for me. It's like puzzle where we're thinking, 'These people will get along, and these people WON'T get along.' None of those predictions usually work out though. I don't know what happens in that house, but we have some really interesting people this year."

- Robyn has toured the new house. It's not completely finished, but she says it looks "really cool."


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Robin Kass Interview about new seaosn
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