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 Dr. Who ???????

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PostSubject: Dr. Who ???????   Dr. Who ??????? Icon_minitimeSat Dec 27, 2008 8:53 pm

Ok So Don't ask why I've been obsessed with British TV shows lately, Maybe I ran out of American TV...who, But this is yet another BBC show I've begun watching. I know it's pretty popular with the comi-con geeks out there. And it's been on since 2005 and that's just the remake. So I thought why not check it out.

I've only see one episode and it's sorta quirky sci-fi. There's an alien time traveler who meets this blonde shop girl and saves her from mannequins that come to life (very creepy!). Apparently there is another alien on earth control all the plastic and making it come to life....

The plot was pretty corny, but almost in a good way. It was the kinda show that was really silly and didn't take itself too seriously.

I read it's the longest running sci-fi show in the world. It originally ran from 1963-1989, then was relaunched in 2005 and I guess this series of the show ends in 2008, with a series 4 starting up with a new doctor and cast running till ? and then a series 5 will start up in 2010.

It's a little confusing, but I guess not to the fans of the show.

but I like Sci-fi and I love quircky, so I thought what the hell...

anyone else caught this show?
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Female Number of posts : 472
Age : 44
Location : Chico Ca
Registration date : 2008-11-30

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Who ???????   Dr. Who ??????? Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 9:13 pm

So looks like no one else watches this, but despite that, I'm on the 3rd season, almost to the 4th (there's like 12 episodes per season plus a christmas episode) and So far I love it! Maybe cause I like Sci Fi, maybe cause I like corney, cheesy quirky shows, Maybe bcause this is both with a little hint of romantic tension built in. But I really enjoy watching this show!

It has some weird casting issues that all the BBC shows tend to have, seems like the BBC can't seems to hold on to any actors for long episodes of time....

So we start off with "the doctor", that's it..."The Doctor" is his name..which of course leads to everyone asking "Doctor who?"...The shows has a lot of recurring gags like that.

So The Doctor travels around in time and space in a blue police box (kinda like a telephone box), except for another running gag..."it's bigger on the inside". He meets Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper who is the girl in "Secret Diary of a call girl"). The Doctor likes to have a companion on his adventures so he takes Rose and off they go to the dismay of her Mum and semi-boyfriend Mickey. There are a lot of reoccurring baddies and lots of funny quips and humor, but mostly sci fi adventure. It's super cheesy, but that's what makes it fun. The special effects aren't bad at all and it has this nice romantic tension between the doctor and Rose (as well as other companions he has later).

The Problem, the BBC keeps changing the cast up. Since I've been watching the Doctor has changed twice and is due to change again when Series Five starts up in 2010. Rose leaves to go due the call cirl show, but comes back for a some episodes here and there. So it's a little hard to watch in the sense that you can get attached to the characters and they leave (like Skins the other BBC show i've been watching)

First Series:
(First Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston)
Dr. Who ??????? Rose-1

Second Series (Rose with the New doctor Played by David Tennet)
Dr. Who ??????? 41P5cdoDWyL._SS500_

Third Series
Doctor and reoccurring acquaintance Donna Nobel
Dr. Who ??????? 51f3xWG3PnL._SS500_

Doctor and New companion Martha Jones
Dr. Who ??????? 51hF0LDoFsL._SS500_

The New Doctor Announced TODAY!
Matt Smith
Dr. Who ??????? Pdrwho3_1215574c

Some fun scenes from the show.

Cassandra the last Human
Dr. Who ??????? Cassandra

The Sworn Enemy of the Doctor's Kind (the time lords), The Dalecks

Dr. Who ??????? Daleks%20Fire


Dr. Who ??????? Rise_of_the_cybermen

Rose the docotor ,her mum and Mickey

Dr. Who ??????? The%20Gang

i forogt what these were called...
Dr. Who ??????? Ood1

Apparently these are some badies that are comming up (I haven't seen them yet)

Dr. Who ??????? TheAdipose

Collage of Badies:

Dr. Who ??????? Doctor-Who-Brochure

Doctor Who over the years back from the 60's through today.

Dr. Who ??????? Doctor%20Who

There's even a few spin off from the show, one being Torchwood, a type of X-files alien investigation show that is mentioned all the time on Doctor Who. (Torchwood is an anagram for Doctor who). Rose and the Doctor Meet Captain Jack who later becomes the head of Torchwood on the new show.

Dr. Who ??????? Who_070907120735454_wideweb__300x375

So I hope my little picture show has intrigued you, this is a really fun show, I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy.
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Dr. Who ???????
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