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 Joe the Plumber gets his ass handed to him by CNN

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Joe the Plumber gets his ass handed to him by CNN Empty
PostSubject: Joe the Plumber gets his ass handed to him by CNN   Joe the Plumber gets his ass handed to him by CNN Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 6:15 am

I love Rick Sanchez! Not only cause he's read my messages on air, but because he's a great journalist and through all the media bias out there, he really stands up for what he believes in.

Now Joe the "cough cough moron, hypocrite, loser liar, dumbass tool cough cough" err I mean Plumber is a different story. I have never liked this idiot from the moment he walked up to Obama and tried to call him out on his tax plan, not having any information to back his points up with. He later was thrust into the media spotlight by John McCain and became their campaign mascot. Everything that came out of this man's mouth was comparable to the "Bush'ism" that our current President George "Duhbya" Bush let's loose so often. He's an embarrassment and America dies a little inside everytime this tool tries to speak for her.

That said....
(Sorry stupid people makes me mad)

A while back "Joe" (His real name is Sam, he lied about his name being Joe), a while back he did an interview with Rick Sanchez of CNN. He tried to convey his point but because he's a blathering idiot he got trounced on by Rick, as Rick was using facts and common sense and "Joe" was just running off at the mouth with not point.

Well Tonight Rick did another piece on "Joe", this time (probably due to his mass hatred for the moron) Rick did not invite "Joe" to join him on air but instead just let him have it!

So if you hate "Joe the fake ass plumber" as I do, you'll love this!
Backstory: Rick is responding to "Joe" making a statement that Media should not be allowed to cover war (despite the fact that "Joe" s currently reporting on the war for an private media company)