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ABC Soaps AMC, OLTL, GH Empty
PostSubject: ABC Soaps AMC, OLTL, GH   ABC Soaps AMC, OLTL, GH Icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 10:50 pm

I only watch 2 soap operas, AMC and OLTL (I tried GH and the Y&R, but lost interest). My Mom got me into them when I was just 7 and i've been hooked, except for a bad non tv time i had during BB7-BB8, where I ignored TV and all my favorite shows for Live feeds and chat rooms. In any case I got back into my soaps and was grateful that they weren't too hard to pick back up again, despite missing over a year of episodes.

So Now Im back to being hooked and my current focus has been on AMC's Kendall and when she'll wake up from her Coma. When I first read about the actress leaving for her wedding and honeymoon, it was estimated she would be gone for 4 months! But later confirmed it would only be 2.

I'm a pretty impatient person and so of course and avid spoiler reader, so every Fri-Sat I check out the following sites that lay out what will happen on the next week soaps, as well as previews for upcoming weeks.

There's also this women (username : Ravenbeauty) who does the spoilers for one of the sites and also does her own Column with lots of insider dirt on comings and goings, interviews with the casts and more detail previews of upcoming story lines. She does all the ABC Soaps.

Here's her new Spoiler thread page:

And here are the two sites I go to for weekly spoilers (Ravenbeauty's Column isn't always up on a regular basis)

This is the one Ravenbeauty write for.
(Pick your soap and then click on "the scoop" - then "spoilers and previews"
(This link takes you directly to AMC spoiler page, but you can click on any soap opera on the op of the site and go to their page)


Soaps .com
(Just find your soap and click on their spoilers link)

Now for my burning question answered, When will Kendall finally wake up and be reunited with Zach?



As for OLTL, it comes in 2nd for me behind AMC, i tend to FF through a lot of this show, I don't know why, just a lot of the story line don't interest me. I mainly focus on some high drama moments and characters like John and Blair, Jess and her D.I.D. or if her Mom has a case of it. And Todd drama.

Last Friday we saw Jess realize that her baby died (Or did we...) and was about to tell her Mom when the show ended. but actually...

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ABC Soaps AMC, OLTL, GH Empty
PostSubject: Re: ABC Soaps AMC, OLTL, GH   ABC Soaps AMC, OLTL, GH Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 3:57 pm

I remember when I used to watch all 3 ABC soaps (and Y&R), but I only watch GH these days. I grew up watching them, but over time I let AMC go followed by OLTL. I still occasionally watch OLTL when I'm bored and there's nothing else on. I basically always watched GH, I did stop watching mid-07 and didn't start watching again til Halloween of 08 because I just couldn't handle watching it anymore. It would piss me off more than entertain me so I figured I should let it go. I'm hooked again though. I'm a spoiler whore too Taz, so I completely know what that's like.
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