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 Obama's response to his detractors (funny!)

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Obama's response to his detractors (funny!) Empty
PostSubject: Obama's response to his detractors (funny!)   Obama's response to his detractors (funny!) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 6:38 am

As I sit back and watch as certain members of the GOP take pot shots at Obama, I secretly wish he would in turn let down his demeanor and and address them in the manner they are accustomed too.

Such as when rush Limbaugh goes after our president
Obama can reply:

Or when some redneck hater from Alaska calls our president a Muslim terrorist sympathizer.

Obama comes back with:

Or when Some idiot partisan Senator publicly attacks our president and his new Bill that will help create new jobs for our ailing economy, and can't stop bitching about wanting more tax cuts for the rich.

Obama just has to tell him:

and When some needy members of congress are whining about not having the presidents new blackberry number.

Mr Obama replies:

And After a long session on the hill having his ear talked off by the right wing about how the only thing to save our country is more tax cuts and how without them they wont pass his bill because he needs to understand that they are right and he is wrong.

Obama says:

And Finally after the GOP has seen the light and agreeed to help Obama pass our much needed stimulus's time to Party

And Obama exclaims!

(Just a side note, this really is President Obama saying these words, but what you don't know is that it is Obama doing an impression of his foul mouth buddy for the audio tape version of OBama's book)


Obama's response to his detractors (funny!) Buffy_Stakes_Rob
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Obama's response to his detractors (funny!)
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