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 The Future of TV

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PostSubject: The Future of TV   The Future of TV Icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 10:08 am

Got the tv guide today, there was a huge article about how TV is progressing in the future.

Stuff like how TV and internet are merging, there will be more shows created for the net, and people like Apple and Nokia being involved in helping bring about portable devices that will let you project your media and shows onto walls and other surfaces, thanks to a microchip by Texas instruments., Thus Eliminating the need for tv's all together. Apple holds the patents for most of the portable and hand held devices and are expected to develop ways for the viewers to use their hands and physical movements to control their media, similar to how the the Wii is used to play video games. Going beyond just an ipod that can project your media onto the wall, you will have wearable devices where you push a button on your chest and project your video onto whatever you want.

They're thinking instead of commercials we'll have personalized sponsors for shows and commercials targeted to your "mood" based on your tv profiles you create for yourself. Think how CNN always has AARP and medical prescription commercial to target older people. If your TV viewing is geared towards family shows you'll be likely to see shows about kids toys and cleaning supplies for housewives. More of a sci fi watcher will probably see a lot of commercials' for tech stuff.

There's also talk of creating networks for just the internet. Web based content and even hollywood producing internet exclusive content for sites like youtube.

Also many tv makers are creating their sets to make them internet ready so they can be used to access internet content on sites like HULU, itunes, Netflix and Amazon TV. The prediction is, in 5 years the tv will just be a large screen computer. What was once a box used to view tv will soon be used to order take out food, shop online, vote directly for reality shows, do your taxes as well and stream tv shows.

TV will also surpass the current HDTV's resolution of 1,080 pixels, with "Ultra HD" or "super Hi-Vision", which will boost the HD resolution to 16 times to what it is now. This technology is expected in the states by 2025.

Also look for new 3D technology but without the hokey glasses. The New 3d will have "viewpoint independent viewing" which will let you change your point of view and see something on your screen from a different angle. You will actually have actors sitting in your living room or Cars' parked next to you as you sit on the couch. You will be inside the show. They are expecting a rough prototype in 5-10 years.

New technology is also being developed to create virtual characters from people like pixar and ILM. They will interact with human actors and you wont be able to tell the difference. You might have a show with some or all synthetic actors.

Future of Tivo?
In the near future you will be able to choose whatever you want to watch, whenever and from any past time era. For example you wan the programing lineup from another state from 2 decades ago, you can access a vast media library and watch what you want.

What will this all mean for cable networks? Unfortunately, we may be looking at a pay for play system, where if you want to watch lost, you'll pay $1.99 to view it. This also will degrade the socialization of Tv viewing when we're able to watch whatever, whenever, and no longer be able to talk about "last night's episode" of "24" or "gossip girl" because we wont know who watched what and when.

So, lot's of interesting stuff, but also a lot of change. Non of it is set in stone, but it's coming in some form or another in the next 5-15 years.



The Future of TV Buffy_Stakes_Rob
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The Future of TV
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