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PostSubject: 2 HOUSES RUMOR!   2 HOUSES RUMOR! Icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2009 6:16 pm

From Jokers

Quote :
BB 11 Double Houses?!
06/05/09 10:48 PM
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I live in the LA area and my brother works for security on the BB lot. I decided I'd venture into the lot and see if I could get any info from the construction workers, etc.

I met this one guy and I told him I worked as an intern for CBS. He did not believe me, but his friend walked by as I was leaving and sarcastically said "who's idea was it to build a second %#@^ing house this year?". I said "WAIT A SECOND HOUSE!?" and the guy goes "Yeah. An exact freaking replica".

Interested, I walked around the lot and asked everyone I could about the new season. I talked with a woman who claimed to be close to the show. She explained that this year, there are apparently two houses with 12 people in each. They both think they're in the original (and only) house. The idea is that it's a battle of the houses. Each week, one person from each house is evicted. And at the end, America decides which of the two winners (one winner in each house) gets to keep the money.

I didn't believe this woman at first, but with the construction worker saying the whole building another house thing... it just might be true.


2 HOUSES RUMOR! Buffy_Stakes_Rob
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